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Europe — part of the world, the Western part of Eurasia. Europe is washed by the Atlantic ocean and its seas, and partly the Arctic ocean and its seas — the Norwegian, Barents, Kara. Part of Europe are British, Icelandic, Irish, Sicilian, Sardinian, Corsican Cretan and Zeeland Islands, the archipelagos of Svalbard, Franz Josef, New Land, Islands in the Aegean sea, Balearic Islands, Azores, Faroe Islands, Malta and other smaller.
Europe is the worlds second largest (after Australia) the smallest part of the world in area, covering about 10 180 000 km2 or 2% of the earth's surface and about 6.8% of its land. Europe's approximately 50 countries, while Ukraine is the largest country wholly in Europe; the Vatican is the smallest.
Northern Europe (or Scandinavia): Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland. This also include the Baltic countries: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.
Eastern Europe: Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia
Western Europe: UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Netherlands
Central Europe: Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary
Southern Europe, including the Balkans: Portugal, Spain, Andorra, Monaco, Italy, Vatican, San Marino, Greece, Malta, Cyprus and Northern Cyprus, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro At full or partial use of materials site hyperlink "" a must-have!